Annual Report 2019

2.1 Product selection and development

Our transparent and straightforward value proposition makes it easy for customers to choose from a wide selection of our affordable, high-quality and distinctive Exclusive Brands, which are our in-house brands we manufacture, as well as well-known international brands, which we refer to as third-party or non-exclusive brands.

Assortment accuracy

We review and optimize our Exclusive and third-party brand collections multiple times a year. Our teams prioritize our customers' needs and expectations when selecting products to sell in our stores and online.

Additionally, we harmonize and optimize our products with our supplier base to strengthen our value proposition and positioning of each Exclusive Brand with faster replenishment cycles, more reliable deliveries and higher quality.

Our Exclusive Brand portfolio

Our Exclusive Brands feature a complete range of styles and price points. These brands are a main feature in our commercial strategy that differentiates us in our market and benefit our customers. Our Exclusive Brand portfolio includes the following distinctive brands that offer optical and several sun options:

  • DbyD
  • Fuzion
  • Heritage
  • Miki Ninn
  • Seen
  • Sensaya
  • Unofficial

We also offer exclusive branded contact lenses eyexpert and iWear.

Global brand promotion

We promote our collections and their technical features with in-store and media marketing tools, complemented with a Customer Relationship Management system and traditional or digital media.

Each Exclusive Brand roll-out is supported by thorough staff training.

Our Exclusive Brand eyewear performance

In 2019, the volume share of our Exclusive Brand frames remained stable at approximately 66% of optical sales. This reflects our ongoing efforts to optimize frame styles and technical features that reflect changing customer and social trends. Read the In Focus story about our Exclusive Brand product development and marketing teams for more details.

Our contact lens brand performance

In the contact lens category, our Exclusive Brand share increased thanks to an enhanced global customer experience and ongoing product education efforts. This approach leverages our stores as a category entry point, which offer an improved first fit experience that drives customer conversion and contact lens subscriptions. In 2019, to further promote brand awareness, we opened an exclusive iWear store in Brazil.

Other Exclusive Brand accomplishments for contact lenses include indepth training for store employees, iWear-centric marketing campaigns and a global product catalog to optimize our product offerings.

Is laser eye surgery a business threat?

While refractive eye surgery may be an effective option for customers who want a permanent eye care solution, we do not consider it as a threat.

Laser surgery growth rates have significantly slowed down since the mid-2000s and are currently at 5% globally. This rate is much slower than GrandVision's growth rate in the last five years.

However, we are keeping an eye on this trend. We operate several laser eye surgery clinics in Colombia and refer store customers to visit them. These clinics complement our business but we are not currently expanding into other markets.