Annual Report 2019

Style and quality go hand in hand

As a global leading optical retailer, we guarantee our customers a simple, safe and honest customer journey, as well as affordable high-quality eye care and products. Spectacles and contact lenses are categorized as medical devices, which must comply with global quality and safety requirements.

For that purpose, we built a strong and effective Quality & Regulatory Affairs (QARA) team that safeguards GrandVision’s Product Value Chain and ensures our products are safe and up-to-code and meet consumers’ ever-evolving needs.

We listen and act

Our QARA team continuously works on developing and improving our global quality and regulatory strategy. And learning from customers is an integral part of this process. We listen and act on their feedback by integrating it into our future Exclusive Brand product designs. In this way, we enhance the customer experience and meet new industry standards and market trends.

Going the extra mile

Meeting standard quality measurements is a non-negotiable industry requirement – we go the extra mile for our customers. Our QARA specialists team up with a cross-functional group of experts and boost our standard quality requirements to meet additional user requirements. One of the ways they do this is by incorporating more customer-focused thinking into our Exclusive Brand quality requirements. This widely-used medical device product design practice guides continuous product improvement.

Guaranteeing consistent quality in an ever-changing environment

Offering high-quality products that meet our consumer expectations and affordable eye care is our mission. Our QARA team helps us to live up to the promise in the ever-changing environment in which we operate. This is how we prove every day that we not only work to meet the needs of our customers, but we also turn them into life-long fans.