Annual Report 2019

Sharing manufacturing expertise brings benefits beyond production

Our Manufacturing team strengthens GrandVision’s Product Value Chain by working closely with suppliers to deliver efficient processes and superior products for our customers. They make sure suppliers meet our high quality standards in their facilities, as well as standardize and harmonize their production processes.

The team manages relationships with suppliers around the world and our 17 RFHs where we assemble about 70% of all GrandVision lenses and frames.

Consistent quality is key

Product quality must be embedded upstream. That’s why we established quality checks at every step of the design and manufacturing processes for our Exclusive Brand frames. To maintain consistency and quality, our Manufacturing team began sharing best practices with our suppliers, including adopting lean manufacturing principles in factories.

Thanks to the team’s direction, suppliers have even reshaped the organizations of several manufacturing lines and factories. This led to increased production efficiency, Health Safety and Environment standard improvements, and better employee working conditions.

The team is preparing to roll out this initiative to more suppliers in 2020 to further enhance Exclusive Brand production.

How we add value for our customers

By collaborating with our suppliers, we enjoy more quality control and faster production time to market. Meanwhile, our customers can feel confident purchasing products from a company that prioritizes the quality of its products as well as the livelihoods of the people who make them.

Thanks to our Manufacturing team’s initiatives, we can turn even more customers into fans.