Annual Report 2019

3.1 Our many customer touchpoints

We offer our products and eye care services in more than 40 countries under more than 30 retail brands, which boast multiple retailer awards. In 2019, we were recognized in Europe:

  • Pearle in The Netherlands and Belgium and MultiOpticas in Portugal named ‘Best Optical Retail Chain.’
  • MultiOpticas in Portugal won the ‘Trusted Brand Award’ (seven years in a row), the ‘Consumer's Choice Award’ (six years in a row), and the ‘Senior Consumer's Brand Award’ (five years in a row).

We are also expanding our omnichannel experience to further enhance the accessibility of GrandVision products and services. Customers can shop for eyewear products on our brand websites and access in-store eye care expertise. Our evolving customer journey experience and customer service were recognized in Europe:

  • Apollo Optik Germany and GrandVision Italy were both voted ‘Service Champions in Optical Retail.’
  • GrandVision Italy and Interoptik Norway won 'Best Service Award' and 'Customer Satisfaction Award,' respectively.
Investing in the customer experience

In 2019, our capital expenditure investments excluding acquisitions totaled nearly €198 million. The majority of invested capital optimized our existing store network. This is how we continue to improve our employees’ work environments, enhance our operations and maintain responsive customer service. The capital invested in non-store assets mainly supports our digital strategy and omnichannel capabilities. To further increase customer experience continuity, our global store network totaled to 7,406 in 2019, compared to 7,095 stores in 2018, an increase of more than 4%.

Our standardized store concept

We have developed a standardized store concept that covers more than 2,000 stores across 30 countries. This concept ensures GrandVision stores around the world deliver the same high-quality customer service and award-winning customer journey experience.

We continue to standardize and improve our global store concept for a more contemporary and friendlier customer journey, as well as a more positive impact on the environment. Many of our strategic suppliers for furniture, lighting and flooring are third-party certified for quality and environmental management, and some are working to achieve a circular business model.

Environmental benefits of LED store lighting

LED lighting is a required GrandVision standardized store design specification that benefits our company and the environment. More than 3,100 stores (51% of our own stores) are equipped with LED lighting, and it is our target to equip all our stores by 2025.

In 2019, we retrofitted 271 stores, which led to an estimated:

  • 2.02 GWh less energy consumption
  • 835 tons avoided CO2 emissions

Over the years, our LED-equipped stores have helped us annually to:

  • Consume 23.8 GWh less energy
  • Avoid emitting 9,800 tons CO2

If we achieve our target mentioned above, we could avoid the annual consumption of 46.4 GWh and emission of 19,100 tons CO2.