Annual Report 2019

1.3 Our inclusive, diverse and ethical work environment

As a responsible employer of a global workforce, we are active in a wide variety of communities. And we strongly believe in equal opportunity and diversity among our employees.

Our inclusion and diversity principles are reflected in our Anti-discrimination and Equality Policy, which you can find at By fostering a culture of respect and openness, we aim to create and maintain a safe environment for employees to communicate openly and respect each other’s perspectives while preserving a flexible work-life balance. We strive to make our workplaces free of discrimination, harassment and victimization on the basis of (among others):

  • Gender, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, gender reassignment
  • Race, color, nationality, ethnic or national origin
  • Hours of work
  • Religious or political beliefs
  • Disability
  • Age

These principles are overseen by our global CHRO, and are key for all of our people-related operations such as training and development, employee retention and succession planning.

GrandVision’s Global Human Rights Policy

We are committed to business practices that do not infringe on human rights and align with international standards of responsible business conduct. These include the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Our Global Human Rights Policy sets standards, expectations and commitments for our responsibility to respect human rights across our operations, and to not knowingly contribute to human rights violations by other parties.

You can find our Global Human Rights Policy at

How we foster, cultivate and preserve our culture of diversity and inclusivity

Diversity is an integral part of how we do business and it is crucial to our commercial success. Our employee diversity is a reflection of our global presence and diverse customer base. We are committed to:

  • A fair recruitment process based on objective criteria
  • An internal remuneration system based on specific position requirements and all employees’ professional backgrounds and skills
  • Equal access to professional training, talent development and skills enhancement opportunities, mentoring and coaching programs, and succession planning
  • Improved work/life balance through flexible work schedules
  • Appointments to the Management Board

We also support the rights of all our employees to form and join trade unions and other organizations of their choice, as well as bargain collectively to support their mutual interests. Currently, 47% of our employees (headcount) are covered by local collective bargaining agreements.

Our diversity and equal opportunity efforts have been recognized

In 2019, The Financial Times included GrandVision on its 'Diversity Leader 2020' list. We ranked 227 out of 700 of Europe’s largest companies, and 11 out of 29 companies with headquarters based in The Netherlands. The research to build the rankings was led by Statista and rated companies in areas of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, LGBTQ and general diversity.

Gender diversity at GrandVision

Gender diversity is one of the priorities of our diversity and equal opportunity efforts.

Gender diversity (total and per segment, FTEs)

2019 (% of total)

2018 (% of total)

2017 (% of total)














Other Europe







Americas & Asia














In line with previous years, 68% of all GrandVision full-time employees are female. And the percentage across our segments ranges from 59% to 76%, with the highest number seen in 'Other Europe.' In the Americas & Asia, it is more equally balanced and women represent 59% of the workforce.

On an extended senior leadership level (Management Teams and direct reports), we have a balanced male/female representation, with about 50% female employees. On Management Team level, however, the female representation is more imbalanced, with 35% female representatives.

In 2020, we will run targeted recruitment campaigns to continue our focus on balancing gender representation within teams. This means if a team is predominately male, we will seek qualified female candidates to fill its open roles. We will also continue to focus on gender diversity in all senior management positions to ensure that at least one woman is a prioritized candidate for open roles.

Diversity on Supervisory and Management Boards

We recognize the importance of diversity within the Supervisory and the Management Boards and believes our business activities benefit from a wide variety of skills and backgrounds. A diverse Supervisory Board and Management Boards contribute to a well- balanced decision-making process and proper functioning of the boards. You can learn more about our diversity policy for the Supervisory and Management Boards on

At the board level, gender diversity is a statutory objective for a balanced governance with a minimum of 30% female representatives. Although this objective is not currently met by GrandVision, we made the first step by appointing a female Supervisory Board member in 2019.

In the long term, the Supervisory Board ensures its composition and that of the Management Board represent a fair and balanced makeup of our employee and customer base.

Wages paid compared to capital expenditure

Economic contribution (x €1000)






Total capital expenditure investments






Total wages and salaries paid






Fair wages for employees

By paying fair wages, we can improve the livelihoods of our workforce and indirectly make a positive impact on economic development. The high level of qualifications for our store and other employees and the high demand for qualified opticians and vision experts in many markets is reflected in the level of contribution we pay. In 2019, we paid approximately €1 billion in wages and salaries to our employees. This is an increase of nearly 10% compared to 2018, and is accounted for by our headcount growth and our need to compete for the best talent.

Additionally, as an employer of a global workforce made up of almost 70% women, we pay attention to maintaining a transparent employee remuneration policy and structure to avoid a gender pay gap. We prioritize cultivating and preserving our diversity and inclusivity, and we are committed to paying attention to factors that may cause such a discrepancy.