Annual Report 2019

28. Other Non-Current Liabilities

Accounting Policy
Accounting policy applied until 31 December 2018

Rental incentives relate to the straight-lining effect of operating lease payments over the lease term.

Accounting policy applied from 1 January 2019

For the accounting policy related to contingent consideration assumed in business combination refer to note 4.

Other Non-Current Liabilities can be specified as follows:

in thousands of EUR

31 December 2019

31 December 2018

Contingent and deferred consideration



Rental incentives








In 2019, increase in non-current contingent consideration mainly relates to Group's obligation to increase its shareholding in Charlie Temple in terms of purchase agreement and to deferred consideration relating to outstanding payment for acquisition in Germany. Please refer to note 4 for more details.

In 2019, increase in other non-current liabilities mainly relates to unfavourable supplier contract following acquisition of McOptic.

As result of IFRS 16 Leases implementation rental incentives of €5.939 were reclassified from other non-current liabilities to right-of-use assets.