Annual Report 2019

Our value creation model

Through our business model and strategic ambitions, we create value for our stakeholders. We realize a positive impact on our customers' health, and the wellbeing of our employees and local communities. At the same time, we seek to improve our value chain operation management and we strive to mitigate negative impact.

Our value creation model, found later in this chapter, illustrates the resources we use to create short-term outcomes and how we contribute to long-term impacts. This model summarizes the alignment of our business strategy with our ESG priorities, which are also shown below:

  • Foster an inclusive and diverse work environment
  • Attract, retain and develop talent
  • Respect human rights and enforce safe labor conditions
  • Improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact from production, delivery and operations
  • Increase awareness of eye health and grow access to high-quality, affordable and/or free eye care